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Saturday, October 29, 2011

New in my shop today

I'm always looking, looking, looking for things that inspire me on the net; or maybe just that I want but can't afford. Luckily I'm attracted to things that I can usually put together on my own and, lord knows, I have enough of everything to do just that. Some people I know have always been fond of telling me "You'll buy anything!". You know what, they're right, anything that's old or cheap enough or that I want enough!

One of the things I've been attracted to lately is any type of cloche. I know, you've seen then all, but I wanted to make some! So here's my first

Isn't it great? An old vase and an old glass doorknob. Doorknobs are another of those things that attract me for some reason or other. And since I had started with the epoxy I put together all those old plates and glass candlesticks I've been collecting. You know once you start with that stuff it's use it or loose it. So I used it on this...

and this...

Look how great they work together...

All are three are listed in my handmade shop, CottonridgeEmporium!

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